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Google AdWords PPC Management Service


Immediately start getting clicks and impressions for your site. We’ll build and monitor all of your Google AdWords campaigns.

£399.00 / month
£499.00 / month
£799.00 / month


“Kick start your online marketing with Google’s pay per click (PPC).”

For personal, business, and enterprise customers.

What is Adwords?

AdWords is the quickest and most effective way to start receiving traffic from Google, without relying on the sole use of SEO. As a result, it provides near immediate results after a campaign starts. Screen real estate on a Google search is notoriously sought after, but AdWords can provide you with the top spot. We pay Google to place your ads above the organic results, thus increasing the likelihood of a lead clicking through to your site, and ultimately securing the sale.

You’ll pay us to build, test, monitor, and manage all of these ad campaigns for you.

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What you’ll get from us

  • A dedicated ad creative & campaign manager.
  • We’ll share control of your Google AdWords account.
  • A monthly report on your campaign’s success, including impression, click, and conversion numbers.
  • We can also provide you with a phone call to discuss any questions you might have about the report, as well as any changes in direction for the campaign.

What results can you guarantee?

  • Nothing is guaranteed, and you should be wary of anyone who that says that they can guarantee results. However, we can project the likelihood of success based on your current activity.

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