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Google Analytics Reporting

£75.00 / month

A custom made, monthly report, containing valuable insights into what your customers are doing on your site. You’ll see how many visitors you have, where they came from, what pages were visited the most, demographics, and a whole host of other key information.


“Knowledge is power.”

Firstly, this service equips you with a monthly custom-written analytics report, sent direct to your inbox, containing valuable insights into your website’s ecosystem. Secondly, this report will contain demographics. That means, key information about your site’s traffic, the most visited pages of the month, a look into the behaviour of your users on your site, and much more.

Consequently, you’ll immediately notice the value of this service, especially when planning and pulling off your future power moves.

Analytics - Google

What you’ll get:

  • All technical back-end work on your site and installation of the Google analytics tracking code.
  • Monthly report sent directly to your inbox.
  • Your own Analytics account. This will allow you to download an app to monitor your site, in real-time, and whilst on the move.
  • No contracts, cancel at anytime.

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