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Support & Maintenance


£50.00 / month


Unlike other web design companies we’ll never ‘rent’ your website to you. Once we’ve finished the work on your website, it’s yours to own forever.

However, over time, the need arises for small* changes to be made. This could include replacing a photo, installing/configuring a new plugin, or even adding a new member of staff to the ‘team’ page, just to name a few examples! This support package provides you with the easiest way to make changes to your site, without having the responsibility of completing the work.

That’s why, if you’d like us to take responsibility for maintaining your site after delivery, we will. You’ll receive special access to our team of technical support agents, who will perform small website updates and general maintenance on behalf of you. This service helps your business, and therefore staff, have more time to do what they do best – running the business!

What do you get access to per month?

  1. Small website support/changes/updates
  2. Choose which support channel you would prefer (Either by Whatsapp, or access to our e-ticketing system)
  3. Up to 3 small* website requests/changes per month (Up to 1 hour of total work over the month, maximum)
  4. Unlimited WordPress plugin updates
  5. Emergency 24/7 support available via Whatsapp
*Small = Let's be reasonable about this. Each task should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.